Simplify your shipping rates and contracts with CargoSavings.

Our platform supports cargo owners and logistics providers with one single, state-of-the-art platform.

With our tools, you can reduce your shipping costs by up to 30%.

Built for BCO's and LSP's

CargoSavings is dedicated to helping supply chain, procurement, and sales professionals streamline their shipping processes. Our RMS tool addresses pain points that prevent companies from accurately comparing rates and surcharges. It manages rates and displays them in a single platform, making it easy for you to compare carriers and optimize your shipping rates with clarity.

Cost savings

Our search engine compares rates, surcharges, and finds optimal shipping rates resulting in significant shipping cost savings. You can also browse ocean schedules, make and manage carrier bookings, and shipping instructions directly from our platform, which reduces the time it takes to complete the booking process. Additionally, you can compare and review your invoices against shipping contracts to capture additional cost savings.

Modern technology

Experience the most accurate and seamless user experience with CargoSavings. Our platform utilizes the latest cloud technology and state-of-the-art machine learning processes to deliver the best results. We employ the latest data transformation techniques and methodologies to extract rates, surcharges, and invoice charges into our state-of-the-art Data Warehouse system. And the best part? You can access it all from any device, including our mobile app.

Rates Management

Ocean Contracts
Air-Freight Rates

Invoice Auditing


Automated Quoting Software - AQS

Custom Software Development

Our Customers

Our mission is to provide our clients with the ultimate user experience and accurate data and rates. We cater to the needs of large, mid-size, and small US exporters and importers, ensuring that our platform meets the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

RMS Product details

Simplified complex ocean rates display
Up to date surcharges and free time
Rates update within 24-48 hours
Integrated rates and schedules
Create and manage bookings
Track and trace your shipments
Ocean Invoice Auditing
Find optimal air rates
US Domestic and International rates
Up to date fuel surcharges
Land to Air rates benchmark
Integrated rates and schedules
Compare DHL, FedEx, and UPS rates
Create instant shipping quotes
Ocean drayage
US Domestic and International rates
Up to date fuel surcharges
Find optimal ground rates
Integrated rates and schedules
Compare FedEx and UPS rates
Invoice auditing

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